Instructions to post weekly progress reports

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Instructions to post weekly progress reports

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 10, 2015 5:40 pm

Here is a list of instructions I have so that players can post their weekly progress report and keep track of their growth and progress, all members are welcome to use it.

1. First off we must start by downloading infocomplete, for the past month and a half I have been trying to install it for opera and google chrome with not much success but then i remember greasemonkey and mozilla firefox how infocomplete can be made compatible by downloading greasemonkey on mozilla,
first we must start by downloading it will make downloading and running infocomplete possible
2. Secondly here you can see proof of tolerated by going to that website and clicking infocomplete it should take you to which from their you can navigate yourself to the official infocomplete website where you can download the script at this site
before you download and install YOU MUST first enable greasemonkey on your mozilla firefox, before you attempt to download or the same thing will happen when you try and download for chrome, or opera. Once downloaded on your firefox browser you will see an icon of what appears to be a monkey near the top right by the minimize maximize and close page buttons that is where you enable Grease monkey and that is where you enable infocomplete after you downloaded it, once you download it you should see a difference in your ogame game page which will bring us to step number 3
3. To get a complete report of your empire you must first go through the resource tab of all your planets and moons, then facilities of all your planets and moons and defense and shipyard of all your planets and moons, and at last on the planet with your best research facility go to it and go to the research tab and click on all the tech trees, if you have fleet ships in the skies flying go to the fleet icon where you can see them in flight at the bottom it shows you percentage of fleet docked and percentage of fleet in flight once you do that you will have a full report of your empire and to post it here on this forums brings us to step number 4

Once you have all your data of your empire recorded you go to the overview page of any planet or moon and at the bottom you will find a big box with 6 green circles with arrows 3 on the right side and
3 at the top right the one in the middle of the three at the top right is the one you'll click to open up a complete repostable report, copy the one that says with BBcodes and then just come back to this forum post and make a new topic with your user name and paste the BBcode, each week you are to post a new report each week to measure your progress and growth, those new members from ranked 900-1800 will be given a reward based on who shows the best growth, and of course we will reward players ranked 900-1050, 1051-1200,1201-1350, 1351-1500 and so on and you will receive more depending on your total points you have spent

5. For those players who reach 6 planets and 25/21/21 mine levels which will be shown via the weekly progress report you will be allowed to build 1 moonshot fleet per day based on daily productions at those levels which means their mines will have the capability to produce either 1250 light fighters or 84 battleships per day to do a moonshot trade. This will be a function within the forums and not within the ingame functions, most current battlebrothers meet the requirements for this position or exceed it, as for for the neophytes they have something to work for, the in forum rank can be moonshot traders


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Re: Instructions to post weekly progress reports

Post by Primarch Reven on Fri Jun 19, 2015 7:16 am

this forum is now locked for help please PM me in ogame i go by reven29
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